Good Fences Make Good Dogs

Positive Training and Fencing

There is no substitute for a physical barrier and human supervision to keep your dog safe in your yard.

Why I don’t recommend electric and “invisible” fences:

“Invisible” fences have a transmitter or an electric wire buried underground, the dog wears a collar that first sounds a tone and then will shock them when they get too close to the buried wire or limit of the transmitter.

Visible electric fences have some live wires that shock when the animal touches the fence and creates a ground for the flow of electricity. Either of these fences depend on a source of electricity and can be affected by weather or physical damage.

“Invisible fences” do not keep other animals out of your yard.
Your dog may cross the shock line when chasing an animal and then not want to cross the shock line to get back in. The tone that sounds before the shock can cause your dog to become afraid of other, similar electronic tones (such as those made by computers, microwave ovens, cameras, etc.) because they have learned that the sound of a tone means a shock is coming.

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior 
notes in their position statement on the use of punishment for behavior modification in animals that punishment (such as electric shock) may cause a fear response in a dog that may become generalized, or may cause or increase aggressive behavior.

When a dog is shocked by a fence, he may associate the shock with anything present in the environment at the time of the shock – such as objects, other animals, people, sounds, or scents.

For more information about positive dog training- 
Positive Solutions Dog Training 971-255-7466

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