A contract with your dog

This post by Maureen Backman is a keeper – I think most dog owners do have an undefined contract – but defining it for you and your dog (even if you don’t actually write it down) is a great idea.

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9513122595_9a7b43ba87_zIf you wrote a contract to your dog, what would you say?

Would you promise to provide food, shelter, water, and veterinary care? Certainly! But what about his emotional health? Would your contract include a behavioral clause that addressed training methods and how you would address any fearful or aggressive behaviors?

When we bring a dog into our home, we may not necessarily write a contract on a piece of paper and sign on the proverbial dotted line. But we do follow an unwritten contract of sorts, guided by who we choose as our vet, the food and enrichment products we purchase, and what training methods we use.

Your dog’s emotional well-being is just as important as providing daily meals, water and shelter. Disclosure: I am biased. My job is to help people work through behavioral challenges with their dogs, so I see first-hand the stress that comes from choke chains…

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