Why do I click?

I enjoy the companionship as well as the natural abilities of my dogs, and clicker training is the best way to communicate with them – not only to train my dogs what I want them to do, but to form the kind of relationship I want, based on trust and respect.


I am a professional dog trainer and I blog about clicker training because I want other dog owners to “get it”.  To learn how easy it is to train without using force, and to experience the same joy that my dogs and I do.  The joy is about open communication between me and my dogs, where we both benefit.

Preston, a client’s dog

My dogs are my companions first, I have dogs because I enjoy being around them.  I have found that clicker training provides an objective scientific framework for training animals humanely, but also a philosophy that puts the welfare of the animal and the human/animal bond first.  Clicker training is about being positively proactive – shaping behaviors that you want the dog to do, and training in such a way that the dog will want to do those behaviors gladly.

Click = Yes, that's right and something good is coming!
Click = Yes, that’s right and something good is coming!

There is a lot to write about:  training mechanics, solving problems, dog behavior, the human/animal bond, dog sports, as well as human perceptions of dogs and dog training.  I hope that other dog owners will be interested in reading and learning about specific topics as well as the larger philosophy of force-free animal training.  There is always more to learn!

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