Don’t waste your time and money shopping today, because . . .


Celebrate #blackdogFriday with your dog. Go for a walk, play a game, make some dog biscuits – and share some of those leftovers from Thanksgiving.

There are many possible colors of domestic dogs, black is considered the “default” color, and my personal favorite.  There are several genes involved in coat color and pattern in dogs, see here and here for more information about dog coat color genetics.  Not everything is understood about how coat color and pattern is inherited in dogs (and other animals), research continues.

Below are pictured a Standard Poodle retrieving a duck, Labrador Retriever (head), Belgian Shepherd, Puli, and Flat-coated Retriever puppy.

Some of the best black dogs are not any particular breed:

Some are heroes:


They all deserve the best gift you can give them – your time.


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