Thank you, COVID19!

This has been a year. The tragedy of the pandemic is undeniable, yet there is a silver lining. I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned.

Thank you, COVID 19 For bringing science to the forefront of media perspective. In the news and popular media, science has generally been in the background, an occasional sidelight, but not a main focus. With the arrival of the pandemic, the importance of impartial scientific research is undeniable, and the necessity of making public policy decisions based on sound research is vital. My hope is that the pandemic will usher in a new appreciation of scientific research and knowledge.

Thank you COVID 19 for stretching time. So often, in the modern rush of everyday life, we barely have time to catch our breath and the day is over. This year, I have had so much more time to reflect, to relax, to choose what I wanted to do and how I wanted to structure my day (yes, within limits).

Thank you COVID 19 for helping the world to pay more attention to issues of social injustice. I don’t think the protests and attention given to the Black Lives Matter movement would have happened without the restricted social context of the pandemic.

Thank you COVID 10 for giving me a lot more business. I have been fortunate. Many businesses suffered. Some, like those who manufactured and sold hand lotion, prospered. Many people adopted dogs or puppies and needed my services, or, because they were at home with their dogs, finally realized they needed help with modifying their dog’s behavior (training).

Thank you, COVID 19 for giving me more time with my household and my dogs. There have been times when I needed some space from my human partner, but my dogs have been, I am sure, appreciative of the increased amount of time I have been at home and able to be with them. I am very grateful to have their support during this pandemic year. Every day I was reminded, by their presence, how fortunate I was simply to have them in my life. I would not have wanted to have been without canine companionship during this time.

Thank you COVID 10 For giving me a new and different perspective on every day. For all of the factors mentioned above, this year has been unique, and provided a new perspective on how life can be, or not be. We are not, inevitably, drawn into an existence. We can choose how we live our lives.

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